Brett Newski channels roughish acoustic rock in a cover of BECK’s “Devil’s Haircut”

Brett Newski has a good story behind this particular favourite of his.

BECK’s classic was the first track his 8-year-old self ever heard on CD, which coincidentally happened to be at a hairdressers. What followed was a swift immersion into the world of music through his father joining the Columbia House mail-in CDs catalogue – which consequentially resulted in the two of them being threatened with legal action by Columbia House for not ordering sufficient CDs.


Years later and he is dropping his own cover of a song so close to his heart. The acoustic video was filmed in Paste Studios in New York, nestled in a book-lined corner, and it’s a straightforward exhibit of solid, simple musicianship.

While BECK’s original is a psych-soaked rock offering straight out of the ’90’s, Newski’s take on the track strips it down to bare-boned acoustic rock and somehow holds just as much growling power as the original.

Picking out the characteristic baseline progression countered by roughish acoustic riffage, Newski finds his feet (in rock star stance) with a contemporary ease.

Listen to Newski’s plugged in version of the track below.