Ethyl Ether’s new album Museum of Human Error is a rollicking pop-rock journey

If there’s one thing I appreciate in lengthly album releases it’s good composition – and this is just what Ethyl Ether deliver in Museum of Human Error.

A healthy change in pace, textures and melody lines are scattered throughout the album – resulting in a 15-track album which never once lost my interest.

The self-proclaimed aggro-pop band from Cape Town find their sound in a classic combination of psych-rock laced in enhanced pop leanings and topped off with the occasional acoustic injection.

Bracketed by the rollicking, rough rock strains of “We Go Riding” and “Cold Black Soul”, the project is a thematic exploration of our constant search for answers to existential questions – and trying to find a purpose for our time on earth. That’s the only cheesy bit about this album.

It has your ears from the acoustic leanings of “All My Friends Are Dead” and “Needle or Blade?” to the cinematic pop of “Chemicals” and “Talking to Susan” – which is as catchy as any radio hit.

This is a contemporary amalgamation of the pop genre which hits all the right spots.