Frances Clare’s new EP is all about keeping your head in the clouds

What will you give up in the name of chasing your dreams? That’s the sort of thematic vein Frances Clare is channeling in their latest offering, Gold.

The Cape Town hailing five-piece take on a curious blend of folk-rock, maintaining a subtle melody backbone, while Frances Litten’s coercive vocals take the forefront.

“Clouds of Gold” explores the concept of something as invaluable, as languid violin lines counter equally dreamy acoustics to build and drop in energy.

“Broken Girl” strips things down – perhaps a little to far, tipping the scales a little, while “Over Again” brings things back into balance with pitching silvery vocals and silvery sound.

It’s an interesting angle to take in their genre and a little imbalanced at times, when the gentle acoustic melody buckles beneath the weight of Litten’s vocalism – which hones in on the influences of Niall Quinn or Alanis Morissette.

This is an offering which is effortlessly powerful and sure, just teetering a little on uneven ground.