Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #80

I’m uncertain of whether it’s coincidence or universal intervention but this week’s selection of tracks encompasses the full spectrum of love, relationships and the tumult of it’s dynamics.

All across a broad variety of genres, so that anyone and everyone will find something relatable in the content. Whatever your current relationship status is, find yourself a jam and play it on full volume. Whether you’re happy or sad, just know it’s temporary and that emotions flow, recycle and refresh constantly. 

Amy Ayanda – Visitors 

Beautiful, arresting visuals that look like the teaser video for the independent film for which Amy wrote this song. The complexity arises from its seemingly simple composition. But the choreography is considered and perfectly aligned with the changing moods of the song. I was instantly captured and remained enthralled until the end, and then pressed replay. 

Wandile Mbambeni and Shekhinah – Wanted and Loved

I am unashamed to admit that I had cried listening to Wandile’s music, on several occasions. The combination of his incredible voice and the emotion he illicits through his songwriting goes almost unmatched by anyone in South Africa. Shekhinah is the dancefloor queen, with her voice bellowing through sound systems from cars to clubs, if her voice isn’t on the track is it even a hit? The combination of the two witnesses Wandile’s voice exploring an electronic backdrop which is unfamiliar but not necessarily out of place. The two voices work together incredibly well and has resulted in a pleasing single. 

Arc The Forest – Sunset

Undoubtedly one of my favourite surprises from 2018, I am ecstatic every time a new Arc The Forest track ends up in my mails. This is what I want love songs to sound like. I want to play this on repeat, sitting on a couch on my balcony watching the sun go down, legs intertwined with my lover’s. Save this song, play it for your partner, take their hand and dance slowly in a warm embrace.

D.B x D.A – For You

Just Move Records has released a compilation called ‘The 7 Year Itch’ in celebration of the label’s 7th birthday. This collaborative offering from Da Brownie and Deep Aztec is soulful, groovy and moreishly palatable. I would find myself dancing to this as easily as I would be playing it in one of my sets. The complex layers of vocals, harmonies, melodies and basslines combine to create a surefire hit that will find success in both clubs and at outdoor events. The rest of the release is also well worth your time, so do yourself a favour and invest in the compilation. 

Chris Snakes feat Garde and June – Why

This track is probably an unintentional fuccboi anthem. Questioning the imbalance of commitment to a casual relationship, the confusion of feelings and the late night WYD texts. Featuring an array of young rappers, their styles and flows complimentary and resting comfortably on a simple, trouble free beat.

Stiff Pap – Maradona

The mighty trap-kwaito kings return with a fast burner featuring SimmySimmyNya. Having recently relocated to Johannesburg, this release marks exciting times for the duo. The arcade game inspired artwork is the perfect aesthetic accompaniment to this song. The beat feels like the soundtrack you would hear when facing the final boss in your favourite fighting game. The perfect balance of tension and anticipation is achieved, with the signature off-kilter rap style that we have come to admire and expect from Stiff Pap.

BATUK – Dahomey Warrior

It is no secret that Batuk has found more success overseas than they have on home soil. I admire their passion and unwavering motivation to thrive where they are appreciated and not succumb to excuses or self pity. Even more inspiring is their ability to infiltrate spaces that are unaccustomed to their sound, fuse with different cultures and present bodies of work that are both approachable and yet still distinctly Batuk. This new offering is an outright club track, with the beautiful vocals haunting the mood and wrapped around a drum heavy beat featuring the signature Batuk style.