Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #82

There are some incredible surprises this week, and such a beautiful mood across all the releases. It has put me in such a great mood being able to listen to this playlist on repeat while compiling the feature.

If you are the kind of person who struggles to find music for concentration and workflow I think there may be some inspiration for you in this list. Pop some headphones on and get through the day with these great artists. 

Skai Lounge – Detachment feat Glamaticus x Fluora

The producer notes that the aim for this track was to not just make a song, but to compose a journey within the music much like a movie. The few tracks we have heard from this artist in the past demonstrates their interest in experimenting with different sounds, structures and genres. The ability to create multi-dimensional landscapes within your music is a special skill and one that shows great potential in this release. 

Alainite feat Sloani

Solid future bass / pop production on this offering. There are some formulas that work so well that they should never be messed with and this is one of those cases. Smooth vocals, smart sampling and recognisable structures that contribute an element of familiarity to the song which has you feeling like you know it, even during the first listen. And the song has you captured and interested because of this. 

Josh Kempen – Need Some Company (feat Soulphia Town)

I’ve never met an ensemble vocal harmony collaboration that I didn’t absolutely fall in love with, and in combination with the marching band drumming, Kempen’s songwriting prowess and delivery this an almost flawless offering. It has that epic anthemic energy of a Disney adventure film theme song, but also a song you can picture being sung by thousands of people in a stadium. 

Tzara – Devils and Fiends.

You can hear the raw emotion in Tzara’s voice in this track, recorded in a time of conflict and turmoil. She keeps upping the game on her releases, surprising us with nuances and structures that we haven’t heard before. Introducing us to melodies and rhythms we didn’t know we needed in our lives until we heard them. If you haven’t heard Tzara before, start here and work your way through her catalogue. 

Nikola Vlok – Burn & Taste

All gratitude to the previous artist Tzara for introducing me to Nikola Vlok’s music. From the very first song, the energy i get from this music is a Scandinavian electronica mood, which has me hooked on exploring this immediately. Copious amounts of ambience, haunting rhythms and intricate layers throughout. This album has been a dream to listen to, and will take a few repeats to fully absorb the full extent of this body of work.