From the streets to Swagville, Moonchild Sanelly explains why you should always #DOYOU

In February this year, PUMA and Lola Plaku, music industry power player and Lola Media Group CEO, joined forces to release the Nova GRL PWR sneaker.

The campaign is fundamentally about building self-esteem and creating a platform for self-discovery, growth and empowerment and aimed in inspire all girls and women to realise that they really can be anything that they want to.

On a South African front, future ghetto punk singer Moonchild Sannelly is the embodiment of that ethos, shunning stereotypes and bucking trends to form her own path of exploration through the music industry. She’s also PUMA’s ambassador for their #DOYOU campaign GRL for the NOVA GRL in SA.

TC: Tell us about being featured in a campaign shoot with PUMA for NOVA?

MC: It was magical, as I’ve always dreamt of working with PUMA and now I finally do for a NOVA! I love the NOVA for being fresh, edgy, cool and comfortable but mostly stylish.

TC You’re a local fashion icon. Do you have any styling tips for fans who want to express themselves through fashion but maybe don’t know how?

MC: You can literally rock it in your own expressive way, from the streets to Swagville. I love that I can rock it with anything and knowing me, I’m that girl with sneakers on the red carpet. Doing it your way, that makes you feel comfortable, is the main way.

TC: Why are you a fit for PUMA’s #DOYOU campaign, promoting women empowerment?

MC: I perform all over the world and my audience is literally from everywhere. It’s always been my plan to not just be great at home but in the world stage with the best, and as the best. I am the Queen of liberation and openly speak about women using their voices for change, to be consciously liberated and to always own their power. As I always say “I’m president for the female orgasm.” #VoteMoonchildSanelly

TC: You’ve got my vote any day girl. So you’ve been in the music industry for over a decade, I remember us chilling together at the Red Bull Music Academy Base Camp back in 2013, what’s new for 2019?

MC: This year is all about solidifying my global domination, showcasing at SXSW on various stages in the US, and touring around the UK. So the touring begins 13 March. I’m also working on very exciting global collaborations, taking all my 12 years of hard work to the next level!

TC: Another guidance question – what sound advice would you lend to aspirant musicians facing setbacks and potential pitfalls?

MC: Cliché sayings are cliché because they are true, most times! Have faith. Be consistent. Believe in your product and never give up! I’m the prime example.

TC: What are the words of wisdom you live by?

MC: By any means necessary, DO YOU ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS. Also, authenticity is the truth and people gravitate towards it.

TC: What is the best advice you have ever been given?

MC: Stay ready! Ask my team, I always am.

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