Josh Middleton’s debut album “Never Give Up” is a polished package of EDM-orientated pop

YouTube cover artist turned burgeoning local pop star, Josh Middleton is 16 going on 26 if his debut album has anything to say about it.

January this year saw him embark on his first international tour through Europe and the UK, and October 2018 saw his treble release of “throwback” covers hit almost 3 million views collectively.

Never Give Up is a 10-track package deal of polished pop songs, well dosed with EDM influence. The production of the tracks is seamless and pleasantly varied. From the pulsing dance drops of “Monster”, the percussive, fibrillating backbone of “Jealous”, to “I Heard That It Burns…” whose dub-step-esque off-kilter choral drop hits home hard.

“You Know” and “Hold Me Close” strip things briefly down to a piano-driven nuance. And there’s enough variation within the production to keep you going to for the next one.

It’s the sort of typical pop bred for radio play and nightclub dance-floors, nothing groundbreaking, but it’s going to work it’s way into your body and stick.