Jungle Book Birds’ new video for “Mr Tartini” tells the story of the first musician to sell his soul to the devil

“There’s a darkness/there’s a darkness over me.”

Whispered words turn into a shout as the eerie video creeps into play. It’s a little harrowing to say the least.

Hezron Chetty has always been one to push the boundaries of classical music, and his freshly reincarnated band, Jungle Book Birds, is pushing them hard.

Their first release under this name explores the story of master violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who was visited by the devil in a dream and subsequently became obsessed with writing the piece of music presented to him, “Devil’s Trill Sonata”.

With violin as the centerpiece, the sound is a dark, cinematic rock, soaked in classical influence. Ominous, dramatic and reeling all at once, it’s backed by a drum and bass groove which comes bounding into the midst.

The video is awash in Mr Tartini’s crazed eyes, crazed composition, wild breakdowns and a subsequent manic performance of the final piece on the shores of a lake.

It’s cataclysmic. A fine-tuned audial representation of a wild mind.