K01’s new video is an ode to all the night owls out there

Sasha Righini has been on a roll lately with his releases. Beneath the moniker of his solo endeavours, K01, he’s just dropped “N I G H T O W L S” featuring Liyanna Basini.

This is the third and final single release in anticipation of his upcoming album Earthly Possessions – which seems apt.

Hazy, psychedelia-driven and backed by a wholesome percussive baseline, the track is un-tethered and feather light. It’s an ode to its name and is the sort of tune night-owls would have playing at 2am as they crouch over their workstations. The vocals are distant enough to almost blend into the melodic tapestry as an instrument in themselves.

The lyric video is equally tranquil, soaked in lavender hues and lyrics curl out behind a psych-style haze, as a silhouetted tree fades out and the imprint of an owl gradually grows larger, as lilting vocals concur, “All night we keep it moving in this soft light/a cryptic message left at midnight/to see this you gotta be outta sight.”