Legalese release free contracts for musicians to download and use

We’ve featured Legalese several times over the last few years but in case you’ve forgotten their ethos, Legalese aim to provide affordable and accessible legal services to creatives and musicians.

One of the challenges they’re faced with is the fact that many new musicians can’t afford lawyers.

And while their fees are low, they are still an expense. With that said, what they’ve decided to do is release a suite of free music contracts for the local music industry. Genius.

The idea is that someone looking to grow their career can download and complete the template. The contracts are also designed to be fair and not favour one side. Each agreement has an explanation page to make it user-friendly.

They’re also housing the agreements on their website so as they get feedback they can update them. They have on offer:

  1. Gig booking agreement
  2. Royalty split agreement – for musicians working together on a track
  3. License agreement for licensing a track

You can find them here.

And you are very welcome.