Manu Grace is Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight for March

Manu Grace is the latest talent selected for the Apple Music New Artist Spotlight this March.

With a recently released debut EP titled “June” she is a new star in the making. The singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist has an eclectic sound, with down-to-earth and elegant lyrics – Manu possesses an inner beauty which reflects in her stage presence. 

Passionate about music since her childhood, Manu Grace started experimenting with piano, guitar and bass guitar from the age of eight. She soon went from learning to play covers to creating her own tracks, her first piece being a dedication to her new born brother. The school stage offered the chance to test her talent and to overcome her shyness, where she joined her first band, Aztec Sapphire during matric finals! 

Manu’s musical style is free from inhibition and has no pretences. She is creating a platform for her heartfelt vibes which softly speak to audiences far and wide.