Meet Dominic Fike, pop’s next wunderkind who’s poised to make his presence known

When I first heard “3 Nights” in October last year I stopped dead in my tracks.

I remember this very clearly because I was in my kitchen pouring a gin ‘n’ juice at the time and wasted some very precious nectar but it mattered not – I had to get back to my shuffle to figure out who the hell was singing.

The artist in question was Dominic Fike.

And yes, that is an Apple tattoo where stereotypically a teardrop should be.

Major record labels have forged a bidding war over over the 22-year-old Florida native, which has ultimately hailed him as one of Columbia Records’ most competitive signings and the next wunderkind of pop.

Fike is an alternative, genre-fluid singer-songwriter and his interesting combination of up tempo fusions between pop and dance, with elements of country make his eclectic sound addictive and distracting.

The jewel in his debut crown is undoubtably “3 Nights”, which sets the tone for Don’t Forget About Me, Demos , an effortless slice of pop with a tropical bent that coasts on acoustic guitars and Fike’s elastic, singsong flow.

The other winner is “She Wants My Money” which showcases Fike’s vocal versatility with a subtle falsetto underpinned by a simple acoustic strum.

He recently released a live version of the track, recorded at Joshua Tree in California, which further strips the track down to its bare essentials. There’s also a sneaky little environmentally-conscious message at the end of the video which is an unexpected, but welcome touch.

The buzz around Fike is palpable and it’s insane that he wasn’t aware of any of it until he finished his house arrest sentence earlier last year for battery of a police offer.

So he’s mad talented and he hates the pigs? Be still my pop-soaked heart.