Robin Thirdfloor takes it to home soil for his “Ayashisa Amateku” video

“I am the best rapper in the country.”

Bold opening lines from Robin Thirdfloor in his yellow-soaked video for “Ayashisa Amateku” – a track pulled from his latest release, the mixtape style Zithande.

Shot in his hometown of Umlazi, in Kwazulu-Natal, it’s a return to roots of sorts. Shots of children, Nike socks, and wide smiles dominate the screen. The footage colour is startling assortment of black, white and yellow, lending an edge to the well-trodden streets of his home turf.

The track itself channels a languid backbone melody, countered by a solid boom kah element which worms its way to firmly root down the hip-hop foundation. Fluid vocals slips from Zulu to English and back again as the track progresses on a steady vein.

It’s a neo-kwaito ode to his origins and the generation behind him – bus most of all it feels like an ode to the homies, dropping fancy footwork in alleyways and on shipping containers alike.