Ruff Majik’s new video is gritty, D.I.Y. homage to the black metal greats

Extended riffage and bleak, writhing soundscapes are Ruff Majik’s forte – and they deliver true to their name in this release.

Channeling the darkness which comes along with their chosen title, “Schizophrenic”, the video is D.I.Y. tribute to the pioneers of black metal and channels a Sabbath-style green-screen quality circa 1970 – soaked in a solid dose of psychedelic colours.

The Pretoria-based trio recently signed to the Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings and plan to drop their newest album Tårn in early May.

Hand-held camera shots track the three crawling through the underbrush, faces painted and contorted – countered by negative colour footage of the band playing the track live. It’s trimmed in a record-scratch, static, DIY quality – shaky and vibrant and gritty.

The song itself is rough and muddy, rollicking and packed full of lyricism exploring madness and paranoia.

A track thrown together in a well-tossed salad of speed metal frenzy.

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