Runaway Nuns’ new album is a fully-fledged retro-psych rock offering which will transport you back in time

If you haven’t yet come across Runaway Nuns in their rollicking stage form you’d better get yourself over to one because you’re going to want to hear this album live.

We’ve kept a close eye on these guys since they surfaced on the scene in 2016 and it’s no secret that we’ve got nothing but love for the music they put out. Holy Collusion is no exception.

Their sound is something of a nod to a bygone era which is, in fact, alive and well. Spacey rock passages turn this album into a futuristic take on retro garage rock – cosmically-orientated and laced in reverb.

“Extra Celestial” is just that, and opens the album with a pillowey, space-cadet sound which harks home to smokey club dance-floors and retro festival festival stages (catch them at That 70’s Fest) – while “Holy Collusion” wraps things up with the striking stripped down acoustic and growing vocalism.

You might expect a wilder, grittier album from the band – instead they deliver a minimalist, DIY style offering of honed psych rock which is as experimental as it is comfortingly classic.

And it’s their best yet.