Shotgun Tori & The Hounds’ debut album channels a raw and unwavering dynamic

Here’s one for your next road-trip.

Shotgun Tori & The Hounds’ debut: powerful, gentle, vulnerable and defiant all at once – and I’m not sure if I’ll ever quite get my finger on it.

Take a hearty dose of folk and country tones, throw them on uneven ground and then add a healthy injection of raw, life-roughened lyricism and you’ll be halfway there in terms of soundscape.

Shotgun Tori (real name Victoria de la Harpe) channels a fluid and narrative stance as the tackles the universal themes of love, regret and forgiveness – and then takes a 180 degree turn into the candid and entertaining realms of lateness and cumulative effort.

For the most part the album is bittersweet and metaphoric (take “These Birds” and “Goodbye Amanda”), countered by the energy-fueled vigour of “Feel So Good” – and lets not forget the silvery sweet cover of Bobby McFerrin’s timeless “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.

It’s unpredictable, persuasive and sort of effusive of pulling a genre up by its roots and then putting it back down, a little awry but just as good.