Take a trip through Kirstenbosch NYE in Crimson House’s new video

Wild, dark gypsy folk washes over an evening crowd beneath Table Mountain. I’d be lying if this video didn’t give me a bit of fomo.

Crimson House and Jeremy Loops rang in the new year at Kirstenbosch this year and from the looks of this video it was a wild ride.

“Unicorns” is a single fresh off the press. A poker-hot reminder that you shouldn’t care what other people think because no one is really paying attention to you anyways. Got it.

Dark folky tones dominate the track. It’s hyped enough to dance to, but maintains a gritty edge – lending to the theatrical bizarre aspect which embodies this band

Filmed and edited by Paige Fiddes, the video comprises of glossy shots of a heaving crowd and the band’s slick, high energy performance.

Riaan Smit embodies a rock-star circus ringmaster if there ever was one. Growling vocals and piercing eyes front their cabaret-esque musical group as he navigates their well-trodden sound and plays easy homage to their firm South African and Namibian heritage.