The Black Keys return with “Lo/Hi”, their first song in 5 years

Today was bang on average.

I had a horrible hungover, I spilt my coffee all over myself and I couldn’t do a simple maths calculation at the bank. Who the fuck does bank admin when they’re hungover anyway?

But then this happened and for a brief 3:03 all seemed right with the world.

The Black Keys are back baby.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney dropped a new single on their YouTube channel called “Lo/Hi” and it marks their first new music together since their 2014 Turn Blue release.

Written and produced by Auerbach and Carney themselves, the song was recorded at the former’s Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s the same riff-drenched, bluesy rock ‘n’ roll we’ve come to love from the duo, complete with a stinging solo midway from Auerbach that brought tears to my eyes, even though I really can’t afford to lose any more moisture today.

Whether or not this means that we’re in for more musical treats remains to be seen, but in the meantime enjoy this sweet little slice.