The Damned If I Don’t video for “Octane” is pretty much for all the motorheads out there

If I didn’t know this was a music video, I would almost swear this was a car advert. Indeed the band probably had the time of their lives shooting this – it’s every motorhead’s dream really. Aerial shots of night time highways, low shots of glistening wheel rims and revved engines.

The Hong Kong based band is spearheaded by South African singer and guitarist Daniel Stacey Herber and the band he has gathered beneath Damned If I Don’t hail from across three respective continents, creating a cross-cultural musical outfit whose sound burgeons from the melting pot which is Hong Kong.

The track unpacks destination happiness in as apt way as possible, exploring the simmering theme of focusing too far ahead and not simply enjoying the journey at hand. “I’ve been speeding up, not slowing down/racing, I’m gonna miss the scenery,” Herber growls in gravelly tones – just about the only aspect of the track with delves into the grittier aspects of the rock genre.

It’s visually striking: soaked in gold tones and polished proficiency. It’s a systematically a rollicking rock song and a clean, profoundly straightforward take on the genre which hits home in all the right places.