Yum Yuck’s “All Night” video is a rough and real love story

The bedroom project of Pascal Righini is something I’ve long kept my eye on. A far cry from the space-cadet psych-pop of The Plastics, Yum Yuck channels a weird and wonderful, skillful balance of elements.

“All Night” is soaked in eerie, liquid production. Hazy synth, progressive ghost pop, as he puts it. It is a full-bodied intense exploration of sound, which maintains a fluid, tranquil vein simultaneously.

The video, shot by DOP powerhouse Zenn Van Zyl, is a slightly harrowing glimpse into the beauty and dysfunctions of relationships. Shots cut between the obvious end of the relationship, the two of them curled despondently on separate beds, his screaming mouth bloodstained as though from a fist-fight – to glimpses of park-side strolls, she blows bubbles into the air, he tucks her hair behind one ear beneath a transparent umbrella.

The filming is abstract and almost distant – only just drawing even with the music itself. It’s expertly balanced, harrowing and beautiful, shadowy and scintillating.

It’s just the sort of strangeness Yum Yuck is so prone to.