After 11 years Lukraaketaar are back with a double whammy of two brand new singles

Before their 11 year hiatus Lukraaketaar were just two guys with acoustic guitars and pretty harmonies – but things have changed.

Not much though. Today they’re still two guys with acoustic guitars and pretty harmonies – just with a beefier, mature sound – far mellower than the likes of “Taranangi Junkie” and “Om Te Kan”.

“Verrinneweer” is filled with regret and reflection backed by a relaxed drum-beat and harmonies that slowly fade with time. The beauty of the song lies in its simplicity. There are no tricks and the lyrics are given time to hit home.

“Hou My” is a love song dripping with tenderness and just a hint of desperation. It’s dynamic, with the vocals often heading up into falsetto, and the inter-play between rhythm and melody is deceptively intricate.

The only down-side is that the structural simplicity gives it a drawn out feeling towards the end.

Lukraaketaar’s latest releases show just how much a band can mature over time and while “Verrinneweer” finds its beauty and impact in simplicity, “Hou My” falls victim to it.