Black Moscow’s “Refract” is a sub-culture embodied in a single video

Dark, grinding, gritty – it’s all wild hair and hardy riffs which hurtle through Black Moscow’s latest sequence.

Floating in a middle place between the metal and rock circles of the Mother City, the elusive band channel a sort of unexpected ambience in the face of their rollicking forte.

The video slips between dark, back-lit performance shots and equally shadowy narrative footage as an undefined band member drags himself from the floor in what initially appears to be a narcotic haze.

Ominous guitar lines and easy rock threads through the track from the start. A hand twitches to life. I narrow my eyes as I try and track the progress of the narrative through a series of close up, swift-moving shots.

I can’t, but I like it.

This is DIY sound in the best sense. Spacious, uncontained melody lines and raw, harrowing rock fervour which does far more than their collective head-banging justice.

It’s broad-ranging and ambient – quashing all the stereotypes of the Cape Town rock scene to the floor and setting them neatly aside.