Cutting the Wax’s latest live session features Victoria Raw in all her unrefined power

“People will use you and bruise you/and leave you outside till you’re on the floor/but I picked you up, made you nice[…]oh and what the fuck for?”

This might be one of the most beautifully passive aggressive songs you hear today.

Victoria Raw takes to the sun-soaked, vinyl-lined corner of Khaya Records for Cutting the Wax’s latest live session: a stripped down rendition of “Ghost”.

Giving a platform for the voices of burgeoning Durban musicians, Cutting the Wax is spearheaded by Paul Jones and Ryan van Rooyan – and you might want to keep an eye on the musicians drifting into the Khaya Records lounge.

Raw sways behind the mic, a glossy white electric guitar slung across her chest. With harsh nostalgia she cuts through the ambience of her simplistic, unpretentious sound with hardened lyricism of heartbreak and denial. Rich, low-tone vocals are the centerpiece of a track which delivers poignant truths with bold grace.

The sort of thing you’ll probably want to send to your ex – or at the very least, ruminate over in their favour.