Diamond Thug’s video for “Sakura” looks something like a dream

Set in a hauntingly beautiful forest, Diamond Thug’s “Sakura” is a beautiful ode to the band’s distinctly ethereal style and sound.

The video, which was directed by Cape Town-based filmmaker Abigael Thompson, manages to effortlessly switch between daytime shots of front-woman Chantel van T, dressed in white, floating in various forms in a forest and night time shots of her dancing in the forest, illuminated by light in dusky shades of pink, purple and blue.

Themes of freedom and loss of control are explored in the dreamlike sequences of free-form movement, as well as in the setting: a forest which during the day is bathed in subtle sunlight and at night in refreshing darkness.

Occasional shots in slow motion add a softness to the movement and the videos unhurried progress further evokes the ethereal feel.

The video is masterfully shot, managing to be uniquely simple and yet at the same time stunningly evocative.

It perfectly captures the essence of the song, which speaks of the innocence, vulnerability and uncertainty of love.