Dominic Fike is all bad boy brashness and tortoises in his “3 Nights” video

Let’s get one thing straight: this guy is fire and he’s going far. I mention so in an email to Tecla and I get a response within minutes.

“He’s the next big pop star – give him a year.”

Give him six months with the leverage Columbia Records has put behind him. 

The 23-year-old Florida hailing artist has just dropped his video for his breakout hit “3 Nights”. His hair is shaved and bleached, a couple of tattoos skim his hairline. He looks hard-edged and toughened by the world – which, in fact, he is.

He has a taped box under one arm as he navigates a one-night stand. Plot twist – the box contains a tortoise, who treads gallantly across the covers as though to claim his place. Perhaps Fike isn’t as hard as he looks.

Cheeky, provocative lyricism counters a prominent electro bass line – the sort which has your attention from the first note. It’s light and laced in pop hooks.

The last few seconds of the video dive into a snippet of an upcoming track, as the palms of his hometown Naples, Florida, sway in the pastel breeze.

Thank you. More please.