Dominic Fike’s EP Don’t Forget About Me, Demos is poised to revolutionize the pop genre entirely

Dominic Fike dropped a Soundcloud EP, went to jail, and came out with major label bidding war over his head.

He’s got an Apple logo tattoo where a teardrop might be, and if that doesn’t scream burgeoning industry hero I don’t know what does.

Don’t Forget About Me, Demos was written over the course of his three-month house arrest and Fike was battling a killer hangover on the day of the release. This homie goes hard or goes home it seems.

That being said, lead single and opening track “3 Nights” is going to stop you in your tracks – and keep you hanging on until the end of the EP.

A myriad of influences filter through his artistic lens: from the full-bodied, almost pizzicato baseline of “3 Nights” to the spider rock guitars and jangling riffage of “Westcoast Collective” which harks home to RHCP.

Each track is as fleeting as it is striking – gone almost before it’s begun. “She Wants My Money” showcases his spiraling vocal versatility and “King of Everything” takes things to another level entirely with an extended percussive synth opening which tips off the edge into a riveting guitar line.

It’s been a chaotic and cataclysmic ride to get here – let’s see where this road goes.