Elle E is fiery femininity with a garage rock voice

Here’s a hearty offering of female-fronted, wholesome garage rock.

This is Ellenie Eloff, better known by her stage moniker Elle E – and this is her debut studio EP, which comes in the wake of a collection equally fiery home recordings she put out late last year.

This time around she’s joined by Jeanré Leo on drums and CJ Duckitt on bass – and the three of them flesh out her signature sound with DIY finesse. Her’s is an audacious rock ‘n’ roll, the sort which harks home to the likes of The Cranberries. Rollicking rock crashes in waves, countered by brief respites and sultry, gritty vocals.

Muddy, rugged guitar forms the centerpiece, as some psych-influence cracks over the top of “Stereo Child” – while “Happy Days” takes on a strangely island pop-esque vein in the form of synths, percussion and hardened rock chorus drops.

She delves deeper into her grungy side in closing track “With You”. Off-kilter and doused in reverb it rockets forth a a breakneck pace.

This woman is grit and glamour all at once.