Facing the Gallows win the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa competition and are headed to Germany in August

Facing The Gallows will head off to Germany later this year to compete in the finals at the prestigious Wacken Open Air Festival, after winning the battle this weekend.

“It’s hard to put into words how we’re feeling to be honest. Overwhelmed, excited, nervous, proud, in disbelief but honoured that we’ve given this opportunity to represent SA at this year’s Wacken Open Air Festival,” the band declare enthusiastically.

“It’s the dream, it’s what we’ve sacrificed and worked so hard towards for so many years. It’s finally happening, we’re going to Europe! Mental….
 Thank you to Sash, her team and the judges without your dedication and love for this scene we wouldn’t have anything. It means everything to this band.

“We hope from all of this, we can create that bridge and template that helps every band in this country get the same chance that we now have. It’s time to knock over the SA fish bowl, kick in Europe’s door and let them know what’s up! South Africa is back!” 

Wacken Metal Battle South Africa promoter Sashquita Northey added, ” We’re extremely honored to have such a powerful South African band make it to the final this year. We know that they will seize each and every opportunity made available to them at Wacken Open Air. Good luck guys. You deserve this experience!”