Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #83

This week’s selection is a celebration of heritage, culture and pride. We often lose track of who we are when we are not afforded the opportunity to share our stories, and these artists have embraced the medium of their art to be raw, authentic and unflinching in their portrayal of their lives. We should be inspired by these actions and encouraged to explore the music so that we can feel like we’re part of their journey. 

FYNN – The F Word

One thing I will always give Cape Town credit for is the very distinct and high calibre house and deep house being produced by non-main market artists in the city. We had the pleasure and honour of hearing it at our church, Cold Turkey, for many years. Witnessing the original dons inspiring the new generation. That generation is now taking the genre to new heights with gripping independent releases that are reaching all the right ears across the country and in many cases, globally as well. This offering from FYNN is sophisticated, groovy and will hold it’s weight on any dancefloor. 

YoungstaCPT – 3T

The most important characteristic of YoungstaCPT’s work is the pride he shows for his heritage, culture and hometown. It runs deep throughout his lyrical content and reflects in the family / crew that surrounds him. We have had countless mixtapes from this artist since the beginning of his career but this album is the chilling, honest and beautiful story for which we’ve been waiting. 3T will stand out in the timeline of his career as a defining moment, and will be timeless in it’s significance and impact.

Motheo Moleko – Hold Yourself Cool 

A large contingent of listeners will probably associate Motheo to his performances with Jeremy Loops. Well I’m please to present you with this raw and poetic insight into the man himself. Its relatable and heart-wrenching. And will give you some perspective to his music.

DJ Zinhle + Bonj – Against The Grain

I don’t often fangirl anymore. But my gosh, if there was ever a pair to bring out the screaming teen in me it has to be Zinhle and Bonj. Individually these two artists are some of the most hardworking people in the SA industry. Zinhle is an inspiring artist and entrepreneur while Bonj is getting the recognition she deserves by being selected to open for Sam Smith on his South African tour. Minds, power, music and voice in perfect combination. This song is a thing of beauty. 

DWSON – Nobody Else feat Sio

As haunting as the song, this video perfectly encompasses the yearning and solitude of the heart when you are missing your significant other. It is so critical that the voice of this track is also the face of the video, because house music notoriously negates the role of female vocalists by keeping them invisible. This video oozes emotion and honesty, and I can’t seem to stop clicking on replay.