Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #84

I’ve had to accept a few facts this week, one of which is that winter is setting in fast. The air is cold from the late afternoon onwards and I’ve started pulling a jacket out of my cupboard every time I leave the house.

I know it’s really getting serious because my friend’s cat who hates everyone is now sitting on my lap while i write this, desperate times right? The great news is, we can build a bonfire with the heat emanating from this week’s new music. Approach with caution, but welcome the warmth.

Red Robyn – Dust and Iron

Her story reads like a fairytale. Well perhaps it would, if you weren’t paying attention to all of her hard work, faith and perseverance. In a matter of months Red Robyn has gone from an “up-and-comer” winning the Afropunk Battle of the Bands to a high rotation featured young artist on playlists, in press and is performing on the same stage as Ben Harper at Zakifo Festival. This new offering highlights her incredible voice and songwriting, and it is endearingly melancholic.

Shouldbeyuang – Mary-Kate & Ashley feat Champagne69

The beat on the track is incredible, dancing on the precipice of distortion it will make your whole car rumble and have you feeling like you have a blow sub from beginning to end. Its classic Skrrr Skrrr rap business which is the current overarching trend in hip hop, with the over-processed vocal effects and mimicked flows and tones. But its these kinds of tracks that are dominating the club, and the club is why they were made. I’m also wildly fascinated that the Olsen Twins still feature in any contemporary content, having transcended into an entirely new generation. But their names do roll of the tongue in a rap song, so why question it.

Zikomo feat Morena Leraba & Rams – Wena Na

In September 2018 Zikomo was brought to South Africa by Weheartbeat. During his time here he worked on music with local artists. One of these collaborations is this grooving slice of magic with Morena Leraba and Rams. Its strikes a perfect balance between all three artists distinct styles, showcasing each one’s strongest characteristics and new overshadowing another. The beauty of a collaboration like this, is the fact that Southern African artists will be transported across the world through this music, further assisting in closing the gaps that hinder our artists.

Surreal Sessions – mame32

This Cape Town duo is responsible for the beat on one of FAKA’s breakout hits and have returned with their signature dark, rolling Gqom. Laden with bass heavy drum structures, trance-like chanting vocal samples and what is essentially the core of original gqom, no vocal features. These tracks are the foundation from which most of the summer hits are built. Picked up by artists who resonate with the music and offer a complimentary vocal layer. Let’s see who snatches this one up first.

ZiyawaKazitha – All Area Access EP

The Swazi born and bred artist is no stranger to his local music community. He has grown from a sound engineer into a musician and producer. His latest EP is a combination of tradition and contemporary sounds. Combining House and eSwatini traditional music in a showcase of pride and heritage. We should definitely be paying close attention to what’s happening in Swazlind because this is just scratching the surface.