Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday 85

I’m writing this poolside at a Villa in Bali. Its my first holiday in 3 years and somehow I’m still on my computer. But I really don’t mind when I know its because I get to share some beautiful new music with you all.

This week’s selection spans from icon level to relatively unknown in a spectacular display of the different minds, cultures and spirits we have in our incredible country. I’ve pushed the limits towards the end of the feature, to get you to embrace something new and unexpected. I don’t expect everyone to love it, but I’d like to know that you at least gave it a try. Enjoy, stay warm back home.

Abdullah Ibrahim – Jabula

It’s been 5 years since the legend has released an album, but in June 2019 we will be blessed with the release of The Balance. Ahead of this release you can grab the first single, “Jabula” and pre-order both the digital and vinyl copies of the album. The 84 year old jazz icon has maintained his incredibly high calibre of composition and I feel honoured to part of a generation that gets to witness more releases from this magnificent artist.

Maramza – Tiger Bites EP

We were teased with the release of uWrongu in 2018, and we have the beautiful Bonj back on “Let Me In” to keep our thirst quenched while we wait for the full EP to become available. Maramza is such a silent killer, sneaking out bootlegs and releases sporadically and then melting us with his originals. This is a highly anticipated release and should not be ignored.

Parabyl – Flouro

Described as an ode to the cycles of nature and the moving tide, Parabyl presents us with Flouro, their second release for 2019. The low-end of the track is reminiscent of a sustained and undulating growl – much like the constant rumble you hear when the ocean is unsettled. Parabyl once again uses the sample/ambient vocal layering technique to add depth and dynamics to the melody surrounding the low-end and the result is beautiful. 

Cozmik feat Mtwana – Uthando 

The reggaeton/tropical rhythm grooves along smoothly with the vocals, combining to create the story within the song. A delicious slice of summer to keep us warm as winter rapidly creeps into Southern Africa and I wouldn’t be surprised if this song helps secure your bae for the cold season. 

Miles of White – This Could Be Anywhere 

Your attention is grabbed immediately, courtesy of a crunchy bassline. An offbeat drum rhythm then joins the fray along with guitar melodies and an a dominating synth in the foreground. One of the things I enjoy most about Miles of White is that you’re learning about the process and thoughts of the artist while you’re listening to his music. The structure is unconventional and keeps you intrigued for the duration, and by the end of the song things start to make sense.

MA-AT – Find Evil, Feel Fine EP

And now for something a little unexpected (for most, but I’m stoked). Stoner Doom Metal band MA-AT from Cape Town have released their EP and its a journey of crashing cymbals, dark guitars and deep growling vocals. If you’ve gotten this far, and you’re open to trying new things then give this a try. It’s always better to have an informed opinion about the things you assume you won’t like and you may even be pleasantly surprised and love what you hear. Either way, this band forms part of a very niche section of the South African music industry and should be acknowledged for their contribution and the hard work they are putting into helping nurture a metal industry for future generations.