Ghia’s debut EP is a broad-shouldered offering ready to push it’s way through the crowds

Ghia-Koch Human’s approach to sound is something which struck me from the first chord.

A striking baroque style electro pop, burly and there to be heard – and doesn’t wait a second. “Bossyboots” throws things in at the deep end from the get go with a powerful, descending bass backbone.

Ghia’s delivers her debut with the sort of hard-hitting finesse not often found in newcomers on the scene.

Vocally dominated, splayed upon experimental melodic foundations, each track takes on a different approach to her varied platter. While the title of “Live Love Laugh” might hark home to swirling lettering on your tannie’s living room wall, the track itself dives into electro jazz leanings, rich and wholesome in its simplicity.

We get a taste of rock subtleties in “Let It Rain”, while “Where What How” persistently asks the question, ‘Does it really matter?’ from behind a thick veil of pulsing psych influence.

Her sound is equipped with the sort of well-muscled feminine hardiness we need so much more of in the scene – and Ghia delivers some powerful stuff.