It’s bizarre DIY narrative and open-ended folk in Dane Woods’ “Hold This Thought”

Taking a bit of a walk on the wild side, Dane Woods’ new single borders on the eerie and unprecidented – pivoted off an earthy, echoing track.

The video is a rapid, weird DIY attempt at what I can only imagine to be a play on the concept of your relationship with yourself.

A man tramps through a crisp pine forest, while another hooded counterpart lurks plainly behind him – disappearing every time an interaction occurs. The hooded man trips his counterpart up – then vanishes. Lights his rollie – then vanishes. Chases him down a railway line, tackles him into a river in an attempt to drown him – then vanishes.

The track itself is steered from the typical vox-on-acoustic rudder. Echoing and sort of uncontained, it feels raw and roughened in its two part simplicity. Taking a 360 degree turn at the last minute dives into hoarse rock riffage to close things off – aptly timed with the drowning attempt.

It’s paradoxical in its weirdness – and perhaps refined cinematography might have portrayed the idea better.

However, it’s a damn fine effort and it certainly made me think a little harder.