JPson’s “Sick and Tired” video will hit home for anyone who’s been on the road too long

“I’m sick and tired of being away for so long.”

Yoh, homie, I feel you.

JPson is quick to hit home on his latest release which comes along with a street-videography style video of his tours across Europe.

From the glum, snowy, rain-drenched winter Berlin streets – the creative melting pot of a city he now calls home – to stunning ocean-scapes from the west coast of the continent. A girl runs to pop a bubble the size of herself, a group of adults leap aboard a wicker sled and speed down a suburban street.

Awash in languid, nostalgic folk tones which manifest as feather-light acoustics and equally zephyr-like synth production. There’s an ethereal tone to this track – a far cry from the straightforward, energy-fuelled folk tunes he’s previously churned out. Now a refreshing, matured sound – equal parts wistful and uplifting.

Whether you’re a musician on the road, a long term traveler, or simply tired of the commute – JPson’s got your back.