K01 drops his video for “U P 4 D A Z E” and it’s spacey enough to take you to another dimension

The fourth video off his upcoming debut EP and Sasha Righini chose to see what he could push out in a bare 24 hours.

“U P  4  D A Z E” is the result: a hazy, bulbous synth line countered by randomised percussive elements and a boom-kah beat which pile upon themselves to create a sweeping, textured psychedelic sonic journey – with acoustics sometimes slipping through the seams.

The video is a collection of colour-soaked imagery honed in on the eye. The kind of DIY visuals which might be projected onto a wall behind the DJ booth at a house party.

Reels of old sourced images, dilated pupils, spinning irises – these countered by negative-toned shots of swirling green cloudscapes and coloured smoke blossoming across the screen.

The track descends into a chiming melody and then builds back up again with a kind of alarming speed which hints at a heavy electronic dance drop – which never comes. Instead we are thrown back into hardy, synth-driven backbone beat of the bizarre experimentalism of this song.

It’s a trippy ride.