Lion Raj releases a charming, uplifting video for his debut single “Eleventh Hour”

After making a name for himself with The Inside Job, Lion Raj has taken his first step into the solo world with his debut single “Eleventh Hour” – along with a video that’s as poignant as it is simple.

Shot in one take it shows Lion Rajwalking down Lower Main Road in Observatory as the hustle and bustle of students looking for a good time flows around him. Weaving his rock background with some savvy pop sensibilities he preaches about never giving up.

No matter how hard things seem to be there’s always reason to look for a light in the darkness because after all, “It is not the eleventh hour.”

He has the confidence of a man who knows exactly what he’s talking about. You sense that he’s seen some bad times but he’s also seen enough good times to know that those are worth fighting for.

He is here not only to preach to us, but to preach to those he passes: to tell everyone that ones hopes and dreams are worth fighting for.

Finding truth in its simplicity, this video is a great vessel for words that everyone’s needed to hear at one point or another.