Lost in Kiev’s “Lifelooper®” is inspired by technological reincarnation

Ray Kurtzweil was a former Google engineer who wanted to reincarnate his father by means of Al – by implementing human memories into a robot to bring the deceased supposedly back to life.

Pretty intense huh?

That’s the inspiration behind Parisian meta-post-rock outfit Lost In Kiev’s latest video. They’ve got an album coming in hot this month and “Lifelooper®” is just a taste. Raw and wildly driven it’s cinematic, rolling contemporary rock at some of it’s finest.

Blue-toned, live-shot and split prism-like to create striking mirror imagery, the video it back-lit and swift-moving.

The track dives in headlong with wild, cinematic riffage – stripping down to pared melody and then gaining momentum for an inexorable build. Whining guitar lends a classical rock feel as the track systematically crests and drops, crests and drops.

Ready yourselves, because if this is anything to go by, their upcoming release is going to be a wild ride.

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