Lungelo Manzi’s Black Dog 2 addresses crucial socio-political issues few SA artists are talking about

Durban has some hip-hop heat coming out of its ears and you’d be silly not to jump on the train.

Lungelo Manzi’s train in particular.

The east coast rapper, singer and beat-magician just dropped Black Dog 2 and it’s the kind of forward-thinking hip-hop I want on every stage.

The second installment of a trilogy of albums, this release takes a stance in addressing a multitude of socio-political values and issues with a quick-thought narrative quality which will have you hanging onto every word.

From the neo-kwaito, clarified tones of “Senzeni” (“I don’t like to hear it from 30-somethings dropping knowledge/or talking like my struggles were nothing for all their substance”) to “Nzima” which features Loki and whose Afro-roots drive in deep – his lyricism is visceral and wholly engaging.

His contexts stem from a place of a broad-reaching view of the world we live in and the daily beauty and corruption we spread. As “These Times”, which features Ngola so aptly states: “We’re some pretty godforsaken savages/playing characters.”

This is the sort of hip-hop which has the power to make some damn important points heard.

We’re here for it all the way.