Martin Magner™ releases debut video that urges you to live your best life regardless of the trash people talk

Creative director by day, renegade pop star by night, Martin Magner’s debut single and video, “Power Of Too Much”, is a fun breath of fresh air breathed into a scene I frequently get bored with.

In collaboration with adidas Originals, this Nelis Botha-directed video depicts Magner in various locations that are juxtaposed by his fabulously bold outfits.

Say what you want but I am here for those black-and-white patterned chaps. But I digress.

The creative execution of this video’s aesthetic is so on point – from Magner’s life-sized angel wings, to his matching eyeshadow and lipgloss to his striking blue hair (coiffed by the genius Salome De Wet) – it’s dripping in excess. But this is what Magner is all about so you better get on board right now or pack up shop and just leave.

“You’ll always be ‘young’ in someones eyes and ‘old’ in someone else’s eyes, ‘talented’ to a friend and ‘terrible’ to another,” Magner explains when questioned about the fundamental message he’s trying to convey through his debut.

“The world’s never gonna agree on a definition of what you are, so you might as well ignore it all and be whatever you want for yourself.”