Oooth’s video for “Calling Me” is a surreal take on a very pressing issue

An up-tempo rant about the hypocrisy created by the monetisation of religion, Oooth have released a video for their second single, “Calling Me”.

With the aforementioned religion being Christianity in this case, it argues that churches have become profit-driven businesses first and charitable organisations second.

The video is a surreal prediction of the post-apocalyptic future we have in store. With desolate, almost alien-like landscapes and long-abandoned business blocks among others, it paints a stark picture of what will happen if churches don’t prioritise humanity’s survival.

The contrast between the non-stylised band members and their uniquely stylised backdrops makes it seem like Oooth are bringing us visions of the future that they have seen.

Through its surrealism the video highlights our impending demise and forces us to acknowledge that the world’s priorities need to change if we have any hope of survival.

It’s the heavy stuff that hits the hardest.