Rowan Stuart has a dance-off with the elements in his new radio-ready pop offering

Rowan Stuart’s got some moves.

He breaks them out in the South African forest, on a hilltop, beside a roaring fire – I’m not sure they fit into any of those landscapes but he kills it anyways.

“Fire, Water” is Stuart’s latest offering, rolling on in the wake of 5 album releases and an imminent 6th – true to his decisive style it’s an exploration of contemporary pop, mixed in with subtle dance influence and African rhythm.

The video juxtaposes colour-soaked nature footage with Stuart in a shadowy corner. Indigenous forest, grassy hilltops rippling in the breeze, and tumbling waterfalls.

It’s fined-tuned pop countered with heady bass rhythm that’s likely going to wanna make you move too. At it’s core it’s a love song. On a surface level it’s a tribute to the elements and their many-layered presence in our lives.

It’s kind of cheesy but I’ll take that cheese with crackers and enjoy.