Safety First have your Sunday morning soundtrack covered in their debut EP

You might not have heard of these guys yet. Their bio says they’re from Bloembaai. Bloembaai? They’re actually just ocean-deficient and from Bloemfontein and you better start listening to their stuff soon.

The four-piece, a drunk ‘n’ funk band have all done their rounds on the music scene – gravitating metal, hip-hop and rock before they formed the feel-good lazy Sunday outfit which is Safety First.

Acoustic folk, summery electronicism and the sort of upbeat, narrative lyricism – the band navigate the sort of sound favoured by the likes of Shortstraw, Jeremy Loops and Al Bairre and yet somehow hold their own with startling insistence.

“Parapapa” is earthed acoustics meets lazy drum work, while psych influence slyly creeps into “Good Time Overdose” and ethereal soundscapes lend expansiveness for “Breathe”.

Keeping things a little edgy, “Destination” throws in swear words with the sort of irony you almost don’t catch as they assert, “No cloud is going to fuck up my sunshine.”

Speaking of sunshine, the closing track of the same name mixes things up once more with subtle rock aspects which will finally get your feet moving just in time for the end.