Spek Won’s video for “Indome Mafia” uses clichés to drive home a bigger point

Canadian-Ghanaian rapper Spek Won brings it back to home soil in his latest video.

As he navigates the fine art of making a success of yourself despite all the odds, he takes us on a tour through a small part of Dome, Ghana.

Despite the rural setting, life doesn’t look that bad. There are whiskey bottles and hundred dollar bills, children with smart-phones and joints being puffed all around. They even have a hair-stylist and a tattoo artist doing their thing.

This set-up seems trite at first but when you take a closer look there’s a unique tension in the air. It’s not the kind of aggressive tension often found in the hip-hop world, but rather a sense of determination tinged with uncertainty and when you fit the video to the music it all makes sense. These people will not be held back by their circumstances and will do anything to get where they yearn to be.

It is often said that as long as something has a specific intention it can never be cliché, and that’s the case with this video.

The point isn’t the lavish lifestyle they’re living, but rather the hunger to overcome their circumstances.