Spoegwolf’s “Storm” is Afrikaans indie-rock at it’s finest

“Ek wil jy nou kyk,” Danie du Toit lilts as he begins his backwards ascent up a set of stairs.

It’s the sort of music video opening which somehow might make your tannie swoon – or you for that matter.

Spoegwolf deliver a punchy indie-rock ballad in their latest release. Fresh off their latest album Koma which topped Apple Music’s Top 100 charts, “Storm” is a full-bodied, progressive track, fleshed out in gauged lyricism and raindrop-fine melody.

Seagulls catch the breeze across the stormy bay, graffiti-smeared trains trundle by, watched from the comfortable perch of an wicker armchair balanced beside the tidal pools. The video itself shows off the False Bay stretch with the kind of whimsical portrayal which will make you long for icy Atlantic dips and Kalk Bay ice-cream – or perhaps it’s just me.

Coyly delivered with mock seriousness – which shatters when a Samurai sword is drawn or someone leaps aboard a surfboard in the middle of a graveyard – it’s hard to quite work out what’s going on here.

In most ways it’s a love song – in another vein it’s a stark tribute to the Atlantic-washed shores of the Mother City.