The Amblers take minimalism to the next level in their “Sometimes” video

I think minimalist rock might be my new favourite thing.

Although, in all honesty, take the visuals away and you’d likely not guess this track is spun by only two people.

Jozi-hailing folk-rockers The Amblers, recorded this video live in Decibels Studios in Pretoria and it’s testimony of what you can do with two instruments and some decent vocal chords.

Sat in a warmly wooden room, backed by a Fender amp, the video is pretty much the two just doing their thing – sunglasses, feathered hats and long hair in tow.

The song is punchy, gritty vintage blues rock. The drums form as much as a centerpiece as the dirty guitar tones and equally roughened vocals – they almost vie for dominance and the result is momentum-driven and low tempo.

Take the key components of bare-boned rock, taken on by two musicians who know what they’re doing and you get this.

It’s minimal, roguish and packs the sort of polished punch which will have you back for more.