The Shabs video for “Tom and Phillip’s Song” is rollicking throwback to teen years of angst, rebellion and revolution

Ever been 15, misunderstood and alone?

Start a band in your parent’s basement and make things matter for a little while.

The Shabs new video is a snap-back-cap, teen-angst driven rollicking folk punk offering off their new album which is about the most relatable song they have ever put out – and that’s saying a lot.

Flashing back to the glory days of youth in a nostalgia-soaked, yet sincerely fun tribute to the skate punk era of emo hairdos and muddy riffage in smokey bars, “Tom and Phillip’s Song” is a wildly anthemic ode to the days – the sort of thing which will make you want to throw your arms around your mates’ shoulders and sway along in sentimentality.

The video is essentially a collection of home style footage of the band channeling an overgrown teen mentality. They bust out verses in cramped lounges, back rooms, kitchens. Crack open a Lion from the boot of a car on a street corner.

It’s raw and rivetingly relatable in its reminder of days and mentalities long gone and yet precious in their time – staked out with gritty candour which is gonna make you feel infinite.