The video for Richard Brokensha’s ‘Honey’ is equal parts sophistication and passion

Richard Brokensha’s new video is hot off the press and is a tasteful, sophisticated outpouring of emotion between two devoted lovers.

With Carla Louw by his side Brokensha spins a Hendrix-esque blues love story about the passion shared by two devoted individuals. With fine-balanced composition, every component of the track has a very definite role to play and they meld beautifully to change the energy throughout the song.

Mostly set at the luxurious Ellerman House, the video makes tangible the strength of the connection that comes with real, honest love. With a pensive drummer watching over them, Brokensha and Louw passionately and honestly pour their hearts out to one another.

A word must be said about the editing, specifically during the guitar solo where it’s so good it’ll make you wonder if it’s actually possible for someone to be in two places at once.

With prodcution as slick as Brokensha’s guitar playing and highly charged emotions all-round – this creates a powerful representation of what love really is.