Alice Phoebe Lou teams up with Game Of Thrones star Maisie Williams for a live session in Berlin

“Sometimes the stars just align.”

This is the caption created by Majestic Casual to describe Alice Phoebe Lou’s extra special live recording of “Galaxies”, featuring Maisie Williams, at the Zeiss Planetarium in Berlin.

On the day of the shoot, Maisie created her own original spoken word piece inspired by Alice’s lyrics – her musing on the cosmos and our place in the universe – and it’s near-perfect.

“There’ll be no humans elsewhere – only here, only on this small planet,” Williams begins, bathed in red and blue lights before the camera eventually cuts away to Lou and her band.

Majestic Casual was born out of pure appreciation for the things they love. They declare that they don’t care about trends, genres, stats or names and that they value authenticity and diversity, things that spark their memories and emotions.

This 6-minute long video is sure to do just that.