Alternative folk sweetheart Adelle Nqeto’s new EP is an ode to all things home

I love this girl. I really do.

Adelle Nqeto possesses the sort of quiet confidence, delicate and yet powerful in its delivery.

Written while preparing for her move to Berlin – how many South African expat musicians live there these days? – Home is an ode to just that: whichever form home takes.

Stripped down acoustics and her trademark breathy, silvery vocals met and builds into an easy, grooving track almost every time.

It’s a good recipe. Perhaps just used one too many times in this EP.

Darker and somewhat untethered acoustics form the backbone of “Collector’s Edition”, which takes on a breezy jazz angle through a languid closing saxophone line. “Enough” sort of echoes its predecessor’s sentiments with shadowy, dreamy tone. Rooted in earthy countenance.

It’s neo-African folk at its loveliest.

The ocean rolls with subtle familiarity in the background of “Home”, which is set against earthy djembe percussion – while “Bones” takes off-kilter melody and turns it into one of the sweetest love songs I’ve come across in a while (“You’re getting into my bones and it’s marvellous when you look at me that way”).

Nqeto has a tendency to melt hearts. Watch out for yours.