Androgenius to drop their debut EP at Mercury Live

Androgenius are finally delivering on a promise made a year and a half ago: they’re releasing their debut EP, and we are here for this line-up: Nomadic Orchestra and Jackal & the Wind are on the bill… can we please have a moment of silence?

-takes moment-

All three bands have their own brand of groove:

Androgenius will be delivering on their signature blend of hip hop, jazz, soul and sass, and they’re calling it soul hop.

Nomadic Orchestra will be using their brass super powers for good, an infectious blend of Balkan sounds, gypsy rhythms and jazz arrangements. They ain’t got no time for your standing still.

Jackal and the Wind will have you jumping and dancing and feeling all kinds of emotions with their moody indie folk stylings and catchy melodies.

‘The best part about tomorrow night’s show is that we’ll all be featuring on each other’s sets. Nomads will be blowing on some of our tunes. I’ll be playing shaker, Chris’ favourite instrument and singing some songs with Jackal. And then we’ll leave the rest as a surprise,’ says Androgenius frontman Al Clapper.

Hurry up and get your pre-solds here.

Winter for who?